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Won the lay z spa

Congratulations to Maria Johnston from Brechin who had her 3rd win with us on Sunday!  Hope you enjoy your lay z spa! 

Won the fit bit luxe

Congratulations to David Phillip from Brechin who won the fit bit luxe at the weekend.. This is David’s second win with us now!  He asked for a cash alternative, so £143.49 was transferred over to him & I am now stuck with the health thingy #Great…  ha ha ha!

Won the royalux spinner

Congratulations to Lesley Mcaleney who won the royalux spinner last week!  She landed on the wheel of prizes & won a 32” Samsung smart TV! Lesley really wanted the cash wheel, as she was having some car troubles , so I offered her a cash alternative instead.  I believe luck comes… Read More »Won the royalux spinner

Won the deep sea world day out & £150 cash

Congratulations to Carole Geddes from fife who won the deep sea world day out & £150 cash last night  She was absolutely over the moon to have her 1st win with us, hopefully many more to come! 

Won the £200 beautiful kaos voucher

Congratulations to Jo Ritchie from Brechin who won the £200 beautiful kaos voucher last night!  What an amazing win for only £1.99!! Enjoy your pamper day 

Won the weekly cashpot!

Congratulations to Aileen Johnstone who had her 1st win with us last night!!  Aileen won the weekly cashpot!  As always , the money was transferred straight over for her to enjoy!  The cashpot was sitting at £300.88… amazing win for only £1.99 

Won the bingo night at home

Congratulations to Gem Keith from Montrose who won the bingo night at home a few weeks ago!  No jackpot win unfortunately, but she did scratch herself a nice little win of £42!  Hope you treated yourself to something nice! 

Won 100 X £1 scratch cards

Congratulations to Jeff MacDonald from Montrose who won 100 X £1 scratch cards on Monday night for just 99p!  No jackpot win this time , but he did scratch himself a nice little of £69.00 Just enough money to treat your wife to something nice!  Was lovely meeting you today &… Read More »Won 100 X £1 scratch cards