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indoors and outdoors

Hypedome transforms any outdoor space into an additional room that blends with the surroundings. It’s a truly unique space that shelters from the elements and enables you to enjoy the outdoors all year round.


Extending living spaces

Whether you’re looking for a sheltered space to spend more time outside, a dining room to host your guests, your own cosy yoga den, dedicated office space or maybe an outdoor bedroom – Hypedome garden dome is a perfect choice for all those applications.

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Hypedome S - Tech Specifications - Metric - Vertical


3.5 m in diameter, 10 m² of space. Hypedome S is a phenomenal choice for an all-weather, full-size garden lounge, an outdoor dining space for up to 8 people or year-round yoga & meditation space. It is roomy yet perfectly blends with the surroundings.


Base area: 10 m²
Diameter: 3.5m at the ground level, 3.6m at the widest point
Height: 2.3m
Door width: 71 cm (upgrade to wide 82 cm door available)
Total weight: 110 kg
Assembly time: approx. 5 hours with two people involved

More Tech Specs
  • Fully recyclable polycarbonate material
  • 200x more impact-resistant than glass
  • Waterproof, resistant to rain, snow and wind
  • Glass-like, noise-cancelling acoustic properties
  • Temperature resistance: -35°C to +100°C
  • Coated with two layers of UV-protection
  • Door frame made of milled aluminium, non-corrosive
  • Rollable door: transparent PVC membrane with industrial-grade zips

What’s Included

  • 100+ clear, solid polycarbonate panels
  • 1x cable grommet panel
  • Complete set of screws and nuts
  • Aluminium entrance frame kit
  • Rollable membrane zip door with two zippers
  • Set of anchoring feet & deck screws (other anchoring options available as add-ons)
  • Assembly Toolkit: Ratchet socket, screwdriver bits, hex key (Allen wrench)
  • Installation Manual + Instructional Videos, Warranty Card, Maintenance Guide
  • Cleaning K

What will fit inside?

  • Hypedome S - Appliance - Garden

    Garden / Lounge


Wind, Rain, Snow & Sun


Structural tension between hexagonal panels of the dome creates a very robust and durable shell. It’s quite an unusual, soothing experience to stay inside the dome on a windy day and watch nature from a completely peaceful interior.


Deck Anchoring

In standard, Hypedome comes with a set of deck screws to anchor the dome to the wooden or composite decking.


Ground Anchoring

It can also be ordered with steel stakes for anchoring directly to the ground like soil, grass, gravel, or sand.


Hard-surface Anchoring

Through bolts can be used for anchoring to concrete, sandstone and other hard surfaces. For setting it up on a patio with stone slabbing or another type of hard surface, it’s also possible to weigh the dome down. This is recommended if you wish to avoid drilling holes in the hard surface.

hypedome s – balast feet – planters

Heavy Duty Anchoring Kit

Are you planning to build a Hypedome on the roof-top or in the area exposed to frequent strong winds? Then, upgrade to the Heavy Duty Anchoring Kit, with 19 stainless steel feet for the extra safe fastening to the ground.


Which anchoring is the most suitable for me?

Get in touch with us to discuss the best way to set up and secure a Hypedome at your particular location and surface type.

Bases & Floor Covers

Modular Base Deck

A bespoke, insulated flooring solution for the Hypedome combines aesthetically pleasing design and functionality. Custom made hexagonal tiles are cut to fit your dome snugly. In addition, Hypedome Base Deck comes with a Ground Membrane Cover protecting the interior from moisture.

Hypedome - Modular Deck

Soft Floor

Soft Floor protects the dome’s interior from moisture coming from the ground. It also adds additional protection from rainwater by sealing Hypedome around the perimeter. Pair the Soft Floor with one of our Floor Covers to create a dry and cosy interior.


Bespoke Floor Coverings

We now offer our bespoke, high-quality floor coverings:

  • Round carpets available in two colours
  • 100% organic, coconut fibre floor cover
hypedome - round coir mat - 009
Entrance & Doors

Rollable door

Hypedome comes in standard with rollable, transparent membrane doors with two industrial-grade zips on the sides. You can easily roll it up / down to open and close the door. The Hypedome Mini and S door width is 710mm, wide enough for wheelchair access.

Hypedome - Rollable Membrane Door

Nest door

A variant offering a light and simple design. The door is located inside the dome creating a small vestibule in front of the entrance.

Hypedome Nest Door

Port door

The construction of the door goes beyond the dome, maximising the space inside and additionally allows you to connect the domes.

Hypedome Port Door

Nest and Port door options are available for Hypedome S and Hypedome M. You can purchase them together with your brand new Hypedome or acquire them later as retrofit. Both come with easy to follow installation manual.

Extra-wide entrance

An upgrade to a wider, 820mm door is available as an option. It is recommended for professional applications and wheelchair users for improved comfort. Wider door upgrade comes standard with the Hypedome M.


Second entrance

Hypedome S can be also equipped with a second entrance and second pair of rollable membrane doors. It’s perfect for meeting pods equipped with a dividing wall or for use cases where through traffic is required (e.g. Welcome & Registration Booths).


Window Panel

Openable Window Panel that improves the air circulation inside the dome. Hypedome can be equipped with up to four Window Panels, placed in pre-determined positions.

Hypedome window panel

Porthole Vent Panel

The bottom panel with a round opening allows to easily plug-in an external heating or air-conditioning unit. Comes with a cover that you can put in place if you are not using the opening.


Cables Grommet Panel

Bottom panel with the cable entry opening. Allows for easy insertion of electric cables inside the Hypedome, while keeping the dome resistant to rain. Comes with a hole cover.

Shades, Insulation, Privacy

Magnetic Shade Sail

Textile sun shade sail with a quick magnetic snap-on / snap-off system. Provides shade on sunny days and improves privacy. It can be mounted in one of the three pre-determined positions, covering about 30% of the dome’s surface

Hypedome - Magnetic Shade Sail - Yellow

Hype.Wall Insulated Panels

Upholstered, insulated panels covering about 70% of the dome’s surface. They transform Hypedome into a truly year-round space by providing shade, privacy and making it easier to heat or air-condition, yet still offering panoramic views into the outside.

Hype.Wall makes the interior look incredibly cosy, greatly improves thermal performance and offers fantastic sound insulation properties. Hotel-grade textiles are available in two colours.

Hypedome - Wall Panels

Privacy Curtains

Blackout curtains offer complete privacy and provide shade on sunny days. When paired with Hype.Wall panels, they can completely darken out the dome’s interior and further improve thermal performance.

Hypedome - Curtains

Hype.Wall Pockets

Unique storage solution based on upholstered pocket panels. Designed to store small-sized objects like books, newspapers, clothes and more. Come in sets of three pockets and is available in six signature colours.

Hypedome - Wall Pockets - Blue
Lights & Decor

LED Lightstrip

Highlight the perimeter of your Hypedome and choose from millions of colours to make it pop. This 10m long LED light strip offers a perfectly diffused glow and turns Hypedome into a shining focal point of your outdoor space. Comes with a remote and dedicated smartphone app.


Table-Top Lamp

Beautiful, cord-free, rechargeable lamp. It’s a great way to illuminate a dining table or a coffee table inside the Hypedome. It’s dimmable and provides 9 hrs of continuous, warm light. Comes with a



Over 100+ panels overlap each other in a fish-scale design, making Hypedome fully rainproof. This ingenious design makes the dome sealed so well that it easily copes with torrential rains.

hypedome s- in rain

Cold & Snow

Hypedome has been proven in heavy snowfall areas and is engineered to withstand extreme cold.



All Hypedomes are UV-protected, meaning they will not shade or cloud because of long-term sun exposure. In addition, it also protects your furniture from discolouration. A range of sun shades and ventilation add-ons are available for easier temperature control and better air circulation during the summer months.

Hyperdome S Portable Dome

This competition is open to UK residents aged 18 or over.

You may enter this competition up to 250 times.

You will be randomly allocated ticket number(s) when ordering and will receive an email confirmation. The total amount of tickets for this competition is (2500).

If all tickets do not sell out, the draw will happen on July 10, 2023 regardless.

You must answer the competition question correctly to be entered into the live draw. Incorrect entries will not be notified or entered into the live draw.

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How many times can I enter this competition?

You can enter this competition up to 250 times.

How do I get my number?

Once your order has been placed your ticket number(s) will be randomly allocated and will show on your order confirmation. They will also be emailed to you, and will be available in the my account area.

Can the draw date change?

If all the entries are sold sooner the draw may be brought forward. Keep updated on the confirmed draw date via our Facebook page and website.

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