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Terms & Conditions



Promoter              Royalux Competitions Ltd {Company Reg No’ SC690158}, and having their Registered Address at – 61 Middleton Park, Brechin, Angus, DD9 7HW.


Entrant                 The person who completes the entry to the competition.  Only the Entrant shall be able to claim the prize from the competition; unless full agreement with the Promoters is reached prior to the prize being dispatched.

Prize                      The Prize for each competition will be specified prior to each competition; the prize will remain at the sole discretion of the promoters. No alternative cash amount will be given – unless stated prior to the commencement of the competition.

Entry                     Entry into the competition will be specific to the entrant using their skill and knowledge to answer a skill based question correctly.  The decision of the promoter shall be final.   The correct fee must be paid and or free postal entry received before the entry is valid.  Entry is available through the free-entry route specified in the full T & C’s.  Please see further notes in the T & C’s.

Account                The Registered user’s Royalux account.

Closing Date       The Date on which a Competition closes.

Draw                     The random selection of an Entrant, paid or unpaid, for a specific Competition to determine the winner, and if applicable, any runners-up.

Draw Date          Date on which specific draws take place either the closing date as specified or when the Competition sells out, whichever is earlier.  If the closing date is extended the draw date will also be extended.

Membership       Persons who have filled in a membership form to become a registered user of Royalux Competitions Ltd.

Tickets                  Virtual tickets that Registered Users purchase or gain in order to enter a competition.

Postal Entry        A valid free entry route into any chosen competition as operated by Royalux Competitions, as set out within these Terms and Conditions.

Competition        Any Competition run by the promoter on its website to which these Terms and Conditions apply; wherein the Entrants submit Entries via the website and submit Postal Entries for a chance to win Prizes.

U.K.                        United Kingdom – All Entrants must reside within the United Kingdom – Scotland, England, Northern Ireland and Wales. 



When joining Royalux Competitions Ltd, entrants will be deemed to have accepted that they have read and accepted

these Terms and Conditions and agree to be bound by them.  These Terms and Conditions apply to All Competitions

held by Royalux Competitions Ltd.


Multiple Competitions can be run at the same time by the Promoters; each Competition will have a specific prize and specific closing times.  Pricing and Availability of Entry is at the discretion of the Promoters and will be specified at the onset of each Competition.

There is no requirement to pay to enter any Competition, each Competition has a free entry route available; please see rules regarding this route in section 2; the availability of this route means that Royalux does not fall under the definition of a lottery under the gambling Act of 2005 and can be operated legally in Great Britain without any need for a licence.


All competitions are operated by the promoter, who is the official sponsor of each Competition – unless otherwise

stated. Whereby a prize is sourced from a 3rd party, the Promoter is authorised by them to offer their respective products as Prizes in the Competition.


1.1 Royalux Competitions are open to private persons aged 18 and over who are resident within the United Kingdom.  Companies and businesses are not eligible to enter.

1.2 All persons employed by the promoter or connected to the promoters through immediate family or professional association are restricted from participating in Competitions.

1.3 The Promoter reserves the right to cancel a Members Account at any time, should they believe the Member is abusing the services, being abusive to others, or that they believe the member is not genuine.

1.4 The Promoter reserves the right to refuse a Members Entry at any time.



2.1. By submitting an Entry or a Postal Entry, Entrants agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions, if            you DO NOT agree to be bound to these, please do not purchase any entries into Royalux Competitions nor submit a Postal Entry.

2.2. In order to submit any Entry a visitor must become a Registered User/Member by registering an account with us – a valid membership form must be completed in full.  To register please follow the instructions as requested.

2.3. Purchasers of Royalux Competition entries and Postal Entrants will be asked to provide their address and contact details, including an email address & telephone number.  These details will be processed in accordance with the Promoters Privacy and Data Protection Policy.

2.4. The Promoters payment provider will require additional information to conclude the payment process, a postcode and card details will be required to complete a purchase, the payment will be electronically approved.  The Promoter will not retain any records of the Registered Users card Details, unless you consent to your details being stored.

2.5. When Entering a Competition online via the website you must follow the on-screen instructions to select the Competition you wish to enter, correctly answer the skill-based question & provide payment details.  Please check your details carefully and tick the declaration boxes as relevant, confirming you have read and accepted the Terms and Conditions.  When your payment is accepted / cleared we will contact you by email to confirm your entry.  Please note – you will not be deemed as entered into any competition, purchased or Free Postal Route until confirmation is received by you from Royalux.

2.6. Entrants entering via the FREE POSTAL ROUTE must 1st become a member/Registered user. The Entrant must answer the skill-based question as specific to the Competition he/she wishes to enter and include it on the required entry postcard; they are then required to mail their Full Name, Full Address, Contact Number & email address as associated with their Royalux account along with the name of the specific Competition they wish to enter to: – Royalux Competitions Ltd, 61 Middleton Park, Brechin, Angus, DD9 7HW.  The information must be conveyed on a postcard, must be handwritten in legible English and the postcard must be fully stamped with a 1st class stamp in order for the entry to be validated.  Only 1 Free entry per Competition is allowed.  Entries must be received prior to the specific Competition being sold out or the natural end date or time (which ever should be first) in order for it to be included in the Competition.  Attempted postal entries received on any alternative material will not be accepted nor entered into the Competition.  Entries arriving late will not be entered into the Competition. Validated entrants will be contacted by email to confirm entry.  If the entrants account cannot be identified by the information provided on the postal entry, then the entry will not be processed.  Postal entries with insufficient postage will be deemed invalid.  Hand delivered entries will not be accepted.  The information supplied through this route will be processed in accordance with the privacy policy as set out by Royalux.

2.7. Each Competition will have a maximum ticket purchase allowable, assigned.  Entrants will be allowed to purchase the maximum tickets as displayed. 

2.8. Each Competitions closes when the last ticket has been allocated or the time has elapsed, no further entries will be permitted when either has been reached.

2.9. All entries will become the Promoters property and will not be returned, this is to the extent permitted by the applicable law.

3.0. The Promoter reserves the right to cancel, disqualify or refuse any incomplete Entry, by any means, if it has reasonable grounds for believing an Entrant has contravened any of these Terms and Conditions.


                3.1. All Entrants are solely responsible to provide the Promoters with valid up to date contact details.

3.2. Royalux will not be liable for any failure in contacting you due to incorrect or missing contact information.  Please check your information periodically or when appropriate, to update.

3.3. The Promoters will not be responsible for any lost entries, either electronically or postal.  Lost entries may include those lost by technical malfunction, network interruptions, hardware failure and or postal disruptions, natural disasters or damaged postcards.

3.4. All entries will be deemed void if fraudulent activity is detected, apparent or actual.

3.5. All Entrants confirm by entry that they are eligible to enter, eligible to claim any prize being offered in a specified Competition, and that they have acted on their own behalf in entering the Competition.  The Promoter reserves the right to have the Entrant provide such proof that he/she is a genuine Entrant and meets the age limit for entry.

3.6. Further help with entries can be obtained by contacting us directly, either through our website, Facebook or by telephone.

3.7. Entries must be paid for by means of a debit/credit card belonging to the Entrant, the Promoter will deem the entry invalid if a third-party card is used.

3.8. All Members and Prize Competition Entrants agree that the Promoters will store and process the Entrants contact information as given, such information will used for the following :

a) Website administration & to conduct the competition.

b) Winner Notification the Winners further agree to provide a profile photo which will be used on our website and social media site.


                4.1. Each Competition will run for a specific time.  This will be clearly displayed on each Competition.


5.1. Royalux Competitions are governed by the Laws of Scotland and all or any matters which arise relating to                      the Competitions will be dealt with under Scottish Law and the courts of Scotland shall have exclusive jurisdiction.

5.2. By participating in the online Competitions held by Royalux, you are accepting these Terms and Conditions, agreeing that you have legal capacity to do so, that you have read and understood them and agree to abide by them.  Furthermore, you agree and confirm that by entry and acceptance you are not in breach of any laws in your county of residency regarding the legality of entering our Competition.

5.3 The Promoter shall not be held responsible for any Entrant found to be acting illegally or unlawfully in entering our Competitions.

5.4. Should you have any doubt about the legality of entry, you should not enter any Competitions, leave the website and seek legal advice.

5.5. The Promoters reserve the right to cancel or suspend any account and further prevent the same member from holding any other account or participating in any Competition held by them if they :-

                a) The Members account is dormant for a lengthy period.

b) Any fraudulent, illegal or improper behaviour is suspected in connection with the use of this website and the participation of Competitions.

c) The Member has been declared bankrupt.

d) The Authorities have requested or instructed the Promoters to remove the person from our site.

e) Any abusive behaviour, either verbal or physical toward the Promoters, other Members and any property owned by the Promoters will result in the termination of the abuser’s membership.

5.6. Should any Membership be cancelled for any of the above reasons, then the Promoters will hold the said Member responsible for any or all cost incurred to repair or rectify the damage.

5.7. Should your Membership be cancelled, any site credit held in wallet form or advanced entries into any competition will be refunded in full.


6.1. The Promoter its Agents or distributors makes or  gives no representations and/or warranties and/or assurances of whatever nature and however arising – whether written or otherwise – as to the quality, suitability and fitness for any particular purpose of any of the goods or services advertised, offered or provided as prizes.

6.2 Insofar as permitted by UK Law, the Promoter will not in any circumstance be held responsible nor liable to compensate any Entrant, or accept any liability for any damage, loss, personal injury or death occurring as a result of Entry – postal or otherwise – or in relation to the use of a Prize by the winner or runners up gained through any Competition; except where personal injury or death is caused by the negligence or fraud of the Promoter. 

6.3. The Promoter shall not be liable for any loss sustained or suffered to any person or property, including, but not limited to, consequential {including economic} loss by reason of any act of omission by the Promoter, in connection with the arrangement for supply of goods by any person to the prize winner and where applicable, to any further person accompanying the winner.

6.4. The Promoters maximum aggregate liability to each Entrant – if you are not a winner – is limited to the aggregate value of the Entry Fees paid by the Entrant.

6.5. The Promoters total maximum aggregate liability to each winner shall be limited to the total value of each Prize that has been won by the relevant winner.

6.6. The Promoter accepts no liability for omissions or errors contained within the description of any Prize awarded as part of any Competition on the website, or the Prize value, or any other description or specification or any other part of the website.  It is the Entrants and Winners responsibility to satisfy themselves as to the accuracy of any such details and any website content.

6.7. The Promoters will not be a Trustee of any Entry Fees Received.

6.8. The Promoters will accept no liability for the non-receipt or issues with receipt due to the incorrect, incomplete or errors in the information supplied by the Entrant and or Winner, specifically but not limited to wrong address or incorrect age supplied or incorrect bank details supplied.

6.9. Nothing in these Terms and Conditions shall prevent you making claims to the extent that you are exercising your statutory rights.


7.1. Royalux Competitions guarantee 100% transparency in Winner selection.  All Competition Winners will have correctly answered the skill based question and then the winner will then be determined by a Random Number Generator, draws will be shown on a live stream via the Promoters Facebook page and or our website; with the exception of specific Competitions, for which, their secretive nature will be clearly stated on the specific Competition.

7.2. The Winner(s) and any runner(s) up will be determined and awarded the relevant Prize so specified on the website and in accordance with the Terms and Conditions.  Unless specifically mentioned, there will only be one Winner per Competition.

7.3. Each Competition will have its own countdown timer & end date, the Promoters reserve the right to sell tickets/numbers until the timer runs out, Competitions that do not meet the required sale numbers will either a) have the time extended or

b) the prize will be replaced with a cash alternative up to the Prize value of 70%of its worth. 

The Promoter reserves the right to determine the choice.

7.4. The Draw date & Time for each Competition will be advertised on the Promoters Facebook Page and displayed on our website in advance and within 72 hours of Competition closure.

7.5.The Promoter will attempt to contact the Winner(s) by telephone or email at the time of the draw – with the exception of pre stated secrecy draws; which will identify the winners at a later date – the telephone number & email address will be the one supplied at the time of entry and held securely in our database.  It is the Entrants responsibility to ensure that these details are kept up to date and accurate.  If for any reason these details are incorrect, the Promoters will not be responsible for any consequences resulting in this.

7.6. The Promoter will try to contact the Winner over a 5 day period, {this may be extended at the Promoters discretion}; if for any reason contact cannot be established; the Promoter has the right to disqualify the Winner from the Prize, should the Winner be disqualified, the Winner herby agrees that they will immediately, irrevocably and automatically forfeit the Prize and the Prize will remain in the possession and ownership of the Promoter.

7.7. Upon request by the Promoter, Winners, if asked, will provide such Identification as requested.  Failure to supply this will result in the Promoters right to refuse delivery of any or all Prizes to that Winner. 

7.8. If the Promoter believes that there is a lawful impediment to awarding a Prize to a Winner or Runner up, the Promoter reserves the right to suspend such awards until the issue is resolved, failure to resolve the issue will be treated in a like manner as set out in 7.7.

7.9. Prizes will be delivered to the Address as given on the Membership contact details.  The Promoters reserve the right to refuse delivery to any other address and or PO Box numbers. 

7.10. Delivery of all Prizes within the UK is free.  All Prizes are scheduled to be delivered within 7 days of the relevant draw.

7.11. All Prizes remain under the ownership of the Promoters until such time as allocated to a Winner.  Details of all Prizes can be found on our website.

7.12. Royalux takes no responsibility for any Prizes once delivered and accepted by the Winner.  The Winner accepts the Prizes as being in a good state.  The Winner is responsible for all insurance required for the Prizes.

7.13. Each prize must be accepted as awarded.  No alternative, unless stated will be offered, Prizes are non-transferable and can-not be converted into other goods.

7.14. Whereby the Prize is an experience, which should include, a holiday, day trip, require flights internationally or domestic, one-off events, the Winner will be contacted either by Royalux or directly by the partner to arrange delivery of the experience.  Royalux nor any partner involved will not be responsible for any failure on behalf of the Winner to confirm necessary details that would be required to accept the experience, such as, but not limited to, Passport details, Names of People attending, Dates of Travel.  If the Winner is unable to accept the Prize then they will forfeit the Prize, The Promoter reserves the right to offer an alternative Prize if the Winner conveys regret to accept within 7days from notification.

7.15. The Promoter does not guarantee or give warranties as to the value of its Prizes, its condition, history or any other matters in relation to the Prize.

7.16. The Winner agrees that all Prizes are subject to and are conditional on the terms and conditions of the Promoter, Prize provider, Manufacturer and or supplier or anyone who is involved in the provision of the Prizes to the Winner.

7.17. No Prize may be claimed or given to an Entrant who answered the skill-based question incorrectly.

7.18. If the Prize is a Motor Vehicle, it will be transferred from the Promoter to the winning Entrant using the V5 for the Vehicle.  This must be completed before the Vehicle can be handed over.  It is the responsibility of the Winner to Tax and provide adequate Vehicle Insurance for the Vehicle, the Promoter will not be responsible for the Vehicle once handed over.


8.1. The promoters reserve the right to publish the names and image of all Winners on any media platform or website that they run or own, along with email marketing campaigns.  This will be used for public relations and marketing purposes.  Failure to comply can result in the forfeit of any or all Prizes you may have won.


9.1. The Promoters, at their own discretion can store the Prize(s) for up to 30 days, free of charge, after this period, any storage will have to be paid for by the Winner.  The Winner will be required to settle this account in full, prior to receiving any Prize.


10.1 All Sales are final, and no refunds will be issued for entries made, with the exception of forced member cancellation.  All Funds held in the Entrants digital wallet are non-refundable and can only be spent on the purchase of Competition Entries via the Competition website.


                11.1 The Promoter reserves the right to either remove a Competition or Close it early.

a) Early Closure – In the event that the Promoter closes the Competition early, a winner will be selected from all the valid and eligible entrants received prior to closure. Except that the Promoter reserves the right to Close the Competition without a winner.

 b) Competition Closure – The Promotors reserve the right to close a Competition for any reason they deem appropriate, without the need to have a winner;  in the event of this happening, the Promoters will credit any Entrants with a site credit to allow them to enter another Competition with the same entry fee value.


12.1 The Promoter accepts no responsibility for any loss suffered by the Entrant due to failed, partial or garbled computer transmissions, computer or system malfunctions using the website.  The Promoter further accepts no responsibility for failed entries due to high internet traffic, computer system failures hardware/software difficulties or any other technical errors. 

12.2. If a Prize is incorrectly awarded, due to any computer or human error, the Promoter reserves the right to reclaim the prize and award it to the correct Entrant at its sole discretion and without admission of liability; no compensation will be due to the Entrant who incorrectly received the goods.  The Promoters will at all times use its reasonable endeavours to ensure the software and website used to operate its Competitions performs correctly and accurately.


13.1. You must keep your account password secure and secret at all times.  These are your details and should not be shared.

13.2. Avoid writing down your password, either on a computer or handwritten.  Do not share this information with any other person.

13.3. Destroy any communication from the Promoters in connection with your password as soon as possible.

13.4. Do not share your information on a shared device.  Log out of your account, when not in play.  Keep your password and account information secret.

13.5 Please contact the Promoter immediately, if you suspect or believe that anyone apart from you has used your account; has given any instructions on your account or purchased Entries in your account or has learned the identity of your password.

13.6. If you forget your password, please reset it by following the instructions on the website.  If you need any help, please contact Royalux.

13.7. Royalux will not be responsible nor liable for any consequences arising from this this type of breach.  You herby agree to indemnify the Promoter against all costs, losses or damages with expenses for which the Promoter may suffer as a result of a breach in your account by a third party.


14..1 The Promoter reserves the right to revise our Terms and Conditions from Time to Time, to make reasonable amendment to the same, thus ensuring they are kept up to date with current legislation.  Any change will take immediate effect once it has been posted on our website.

14.2. Please check our Terms and Conditions periodically to check for amendments.  By continuing to access and use our website, you are agreeing to be bound to the revised Terms and Conditions.

14.3. We may also change or update our Website and Competition Draws as we find it necessary.

14.4. Please contact Royalux if you are unsure about any changes made.


                15.1. Please refer to our Policy on these matters.


16.1. Your protection and privacy are very important to Royalux.  Please see our section on Data Protection for a more detailed description.


17.1. You do herby agree that the website, the competitions, and the use of our social media platforms are for your own personal, non-commercial use and that you are only allowed to use your account, the website, social media platforms or to enter competitions via your account, as set out in these Terms and Conditions.

17.2. The promoters do not guarantee that the website will display correctly on all devices it can be viewed on.

17.3. You must not disclose or copy or transmit or otherwise make available and/or remove or change any material available on the website.

17.4. You must not, whether in whole or part, reverse engineer or decompile any software used in connection with the website and or the provision of the Competitions {except to the extent expressly permitted by applicable law} and or remove, obscure and or change in any way copyright, trade mark or other intellectual property right notices in any material obtained from the website and or as a result in Competition Entry.

17.5. You herby agree that you will only use your account, enter Competitions and access our Website in a Lawful manner, act appropriately, you will not transmit any material which may be Racist, Obscene, Pornographic, Threatening,  Menacing, or Offensive or any other form of defamatory content or that which would breach confidentiality, you will not knowingly and recklessly transmit  any content including without limit, viruses through the website and or the Promoters software and IT systems which would cause or likely to cause harm

17.6. You herby agree not to use the Promoters Website and or social media platforms to damage the reputation of the Promoters.

17.7. The Promoter is the owner/ licensee of all the copyright, intellectual property rights and Trademarks, to and in respect of the Competition and the Website, and you will not acquire any right in any of these.

These Terms and Conditions constitute the entire agreement between you and the Promoters regarding the subject matter.

These Terms and Conditions shall not create or be construed as creating  any form of contract, joint venture or other agreement between any Entrant and the Promoter.


Royalux are committed to upholding socially responsible play with us.   We are committed to promoting play in a healthy manner.   We want you to enjoy your time with us.  We can offer support to our customers to ensure they play responsibly and that they are in control.  Please contact Royalux if you have any concerns.  We will treat your concerns with the utmost of privacy and respect.