September 2023

Make A Wish

Amount Donated: £1,000 CASH

Thank you so much to everyone who took part in our fairy tale themed competitions throughout the month of September !

With your help , we were able to donate £1,000 cash to this fantastic Charity!

We know life’s not always a fairy tale…. but hopefully this will help a child have their wish come true!

November 2022

The Angus Toy Appeal

Amount Donated: £10,000 CASH

No child deserves to wake up on Christmas Day without a present to open! 🎁 🥺💔

But sadly this is the harsh reality a lot of families face within the Angus area. 😞

This fantastic charity works tirelessly all year round to ensure families don’t have to choose between buying food , heating their home or buying their children a present at Christmas time & take a HUGE amount of stress away from families who are struggling!

We are incredibly proud to have donated £10,000 to this charity and helped 165 families have a Christmas!

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